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Your To Do List – 5 Ways to Handle It More Efficiently.

  • April 13, 2018

​The way we manage our days will affect the design of our career path. As creative entrepreneurs who juggle jobs, careers and side hustles, being mindful and paying attention to what matters is crucial. If we fail to do it, we'll continue checking off the tasks from someone else's to do list and keep contributing to their dream ​​while postponing the fulfillment of ours.

Here are 5 ways to make your to do list work in your dream career path's favor:

1. Schedule some time in your day to take care of the non-urgent but future building tasks. Resist the temptation of feeling satisfied and finishing your day when your immediate tasks are done. There's more to your days, more to your career. and taking care of the immediate won't build it.

2. Tack​le the tasks you dread using the system that works for you. We all have these tasks on our to do list - tax​ preparation, phone calls to make, etc. Find out what works for you. Not all of us will subscribe to Mark Twain's recommendation of eating the live frog (analogy of the most difficult task) first thing in the morning. 

For some, scheduling the task we dread or rewarding ourselves when done may work better. Find your own system of handling what you dread.

3. Embrace the unfinished. ​Consider ​moving on to other tasks without finishing what you have started. Sometimes putting a task aside and getting some breathing room can do wonders to our productivity.

4. Our inbox will be always full and ​the majority of emails ​we get are not urgent. Resisting the temptation to answer emails during our most productive time is crucial. We need to focus on our career building tasks that require our focus and we can take care of answering emails ​when we feel less productive.

5. Embrace the controlled mess. Not forcing ourselves to create perfect environment before starting working on the essential can be very tough to embrace​. However, staying in the creative flow when laundry needs to be folded ​​or resisting the temptation ​of emptying our inboxes and straightening things up may make us more productive and efficient.

  • April 13, 2018

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