How to Prepare for an Awesome Podcast Interview (even if it’s your FIRST TIME being a guest)

  • July 30, 2019


If you’re reading it, you’re either curious about getting more exposure and increase your influence by being a guest on podcasts or you’re getting ready for an interview. Whether it’s your first podcast interview or you’ve been a guest on podcasts before, it’s useful to have the steps to prepare for your interviews efficiently.

Here are 5 steps to prepare for your podcast interview:

Make sure you do research about the host and listen to a few episodes of the show before the interview.

Often, a podcast host may start the show by asking the guests the same question. By getting familiar with the show and the host, the conversation will flow more naturally and you’ll have more things to share. Plus you may know what you’ll get asked first.

Ask the host if they’ll record only audio or video as well.

Often, the hosts repurpose the episodes, post them on YouTube and publish short videos on LinkedIn or Facebook. It’s important you ask if video is recorded as well so that you plan accordingly.

Sometimes podcast hosts won’t share with us the questions they’ll ask us because they’d want the conversation to flow naturally. If this is the case,

Ask the host what’s the first question you’ll get during the interview.

Knowing how the interview starts will make us begin with confidence.

Make a list of stories you can share during the interview and highlight the ones that relate to your brand and business growth.

Remember that you’ve embarked on the journey of being a guest on podcasts to grow your business and brand. Be strategic about what stories you choose to include, not everything needs to be shared.

Make sure you mention your freebie/gift for listeners during the interview and remind the host to include the link in the show notes.

By sharing a free gift with the audience, we make sure we stay connected with the listeners who will become our audience, fans and buyers. Are you curious about how to monetize your every podcast guest interview? Join the wait list for the Podcast Guest Formula group coaching program, get free podcast guest interview tips and be the first to find out when we reopen the program next.

  • July 30, 2019

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