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  • April 6, 2018

​How to Successfully Juggle Your Creative Career, Job and Side Hustle.

​We know the feeling, ​we have been wearing a few hats for a while now. ​We often feel like ​we have been living a few lives. There are days ​when we are able to keep ​at it and stay in the flow. However, there are moments when ​we feel very overwhelmed. 

​Guilt steps in when ​we don't make time for what matters to ​us. Our demanding jobs can take over our lives leaving us with no time for developing what we really want. Days, months and quarters pass. We don't even want to make new goals because we simply can't keep them.

Something needs to shift!

​Here are 5 tips to successfully manage your creative career, job and side hustle:

1. Reframe your mindset, be open and treat your job as part of a creative process. Being open and having optimistic attitude treating our jobs like a part of our entrepreneurial journey may expose us to unforeseen opportunities and tacit inspiration. There is something about approaching ​what comes your way ​with grace and optimism.

2. Work on getting into deep work with the little time you have left for your creative career. Use the 30 minutes or an hour you have wisely. Don't waste it ​checking your stats or following what others do. Stay on your own creative path. Check out ​and get inspired by a popular article I wrote - You Need 30 Minutes a Day to Write a Book.

3. Don’t wait for two hour time blocks to create, take advantage of 20, 30 minutes you have. It's amazing what you can accomplish being productive for 20 or 30 minutes. Work with the time you have instead of waiting for multiple hours ​in time blocks. 

4. Don’t wait for ​ideal working conditions to create. ​Many creatives think that they need perfect working environment to create. ​However, clean desk and seemingly ​ideal creative environment may not be where we will thrive. I wrote over 10,000 ​words of my book Your Creative Career1 on the notes of my phone waiting in line, at a cafe and even in a parking lot before buying groceries.

5. Form new habits eliminating procrastination. Be aware of your time wasters and get strict about ​working on eliminating them. You have your creative empire to build!

5 Tips to Successfully Manage Your Creative Career, Side Hustle and Job

​Don’t wait for ​ideal working conditions to create.

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  • April 6, 2018

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