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  • January 7, 2018

​​​10 Ways to Maximize Your Book's Online Exposure.

​How can we overcome information overload when anyone can write, publish and create whatever they only dream of? There seems to be more content creators than consumers and readers. ​Now more than ever, we are forced to come up with new ways to attract our readers​. We have to be constantly on the lookout for new space where there are people who still pay attention. During my long hours spent on promoting my upcoming book - Your Creative Career I stumbled upon some unusual ways of book and product promotion and here are 10 of them​, which I'd love to share with you:

Goodreads - underexplored channel where a lot of book readers hang out setting up their yearly reading challenges and keeping track of the books they read. There are Goodreads groups, chats and book giveaways.

- LibraryThing - there ​​​​is a lot of information on LibraryThing. Site is full of book reviews, groups where authors can connect with their audiences and organize a giveaway. Book nerds heaven. It doesn't hurt to add your book there to get more exposure.

- ProductHunt — although the site targets mainly tech products, there are some books listed. You have to meet certain criteria to list your product such as upvoting other products for 3 days in a row, etc. It’s easy to list your product and after I listed Your Creative Career, it got 6 upvotes right away.

- Instagram - making beautiful Instagram friendly images with your book best quotes can catch attention of many bibliophiles who are on Instagram and use many book related hashtags such as #amreading #amwriting #bookbookbook and others. They convert their apartments into book reading heavens and take pictures of their favorite reads with beautifully styled coffee mugs and nature.

- Book Fairies — fun concept where you hide a book for someone to find it. There are hashtags, ribbons and stickers to make the message clear #ibelieveinbookfairies. Check out where I hid the Side Hustle book by Chris Guillebeau.

- Pinterest - you can win the Pinterest book game if your book has a Pinterest friendly cover and if you make the job of avid pinners easy. Create some beautiful vertical images featuring your book and you'll see them shared and repinned.

- Infographics - just like my image above, which is considered infographic, create your own that describes the content of your blog post. ​If your post provides value and has a beautiful image that's social media ready, it will ​more likely be shared.

- Groups — whether it’s on LinkedIn, Facebook or Pinterest, it’s easier to connect within a group. Groups are targeted so the conversations are around the topics of your interest. Group members are usually ready to share, help and engage. You can build closer connections in groups. Check out our free and intimate Your Creative Career Mastermind Group.

- BookTube — this is a community of readers on YouTube, who film reviews, and share writing tips. Search #booktube and you’ll stumble upon a lot of accounts of book lovers. You can join the community by simply uploading the videos with #booktube or reach out to these avid readers to possibly get your book reviewed. ​

- Netgalley - ​​listing your book on Netgalley is a costly investment​. ​Whether it's covered by your publisher or if the  $495 listing fee has to come ​out of your pocket, it's absolutely worth it. Your book gets exposed to the eyes of reviewers, librarians, media and readers ​who may request your book for free but leave a review or decide to purchase a hard copy after.

​Do you have questions or suggestions how else to promote a book or product, please tweet ​at @LucidAnna with #YourCreativeCareer

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  • January 7, 2018

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